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3 Ways Master Suite Key Systems Can Improve Your Business


If you own a commercial business and would like to modernise your security measures, or require just one key that can securely access multiple rooms, a master suite key system may be for you. Read on to discover the top 3 ways your business can significantly be improved by updating your locks to this type of key system.


Who can benefit from a master key system?

There are commercial businesses in particular that would benefit from having a master key system installed, these can include: hotels and apartment areas, large offices and retail stores. This system is an ideal solution when there are many employees within a company that require access to particular rooms, but do not need access to the entire building.


1. Security and Control

A master suited locking system, can provide a greater level of security and control for businesses, as access can be limited to any number of doors, with one key per person. In a school for example, many teachers will have a single key for numerous rooms in their department, yet will not have access to every room. There are different accessibility levels for various areas of a business, making it more secure and giving the business owner more control of exclusive sections. In addition to this, these keys cannot be copied, are anti-bump, anti-pick and snap resistant, in turn preventing unwanted intruders.


2. Convenience

This type of key system is designed to provide both security and convenience to a business. With the advantage of one key it is a lot easier to access multiple rooms within a property, providing a solution for when there are people that require access to a specific area. For example, a landlord would benefit greatly from this as only one key would be needed to access numerous flats within a property.


3. Personalisation

There are many different master key options that are available, depending on the size of the business and the uses. The three main levels of the master key suite security can include:


  • Level 1 – Access to a range of locking cylinders including both single and double, using just 1 master key (The Master Key Suite). Every cylinder has their own unique key but all can be operated by the master key.


  • Level 2 – A range of cylinders fall under an overall master key, but sections of the cylinders can be opened by a sub master (The Grand Master Key Suite)


  • Level 3 – Similar to level 2 but with an additional level of sub-suites (The Great Grand Master Key Suite).


If you own a commercial business and would like a professional locksmith to change the locks, or install a master suite key system, call Local Locks today.

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