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Improving Your Home Security: Premium Locks Vs. Standard Locks

Whether you are thinking about completely updating the security in your property, or you would like to upgrade some of your more tired, standard locks with premium security locks, we have included some useful information about choosing the best locking systems that are suited to your home.


Premium Locks

If you are thinking about upgrading your home security, then it is important to consider which style of locks will be best suited to your needs. There are many premium brands available, each offering enhanced quality and long lasting locks to suit a range of doors and requirements.

Banham locks for example, offer a range of high-quality locks in which are secured with coded registration systems, protecting your key from being copied without authorisation. Just some of the different styles that are available can include a Rim Deadbolt and Cylinder Mortice Deadlock; these are both drill and saw resistant.

Abloy (Protec) are also another reputable security company, and are said to be one of the UK’s leading experts in the production of high-quality locks. There is a vast product range to choose from depending on your needs, from electronic locking to simple yet effective cylinders and door operators.


Standard Locks

There are still many efficient and affordable standard locks that are available on the market, yet it is firstly important to identify the type of lock that is required and if this is suited to the door it will be applied to.

Many would argue that the quality of these types of locks is compromised from being more affordable, in addition to the security levels of some of these locks being questioned. However, it is important to note that the level of security is only as efficient as the door that it is applied to. For instance, a premium 5 lever mortice dead-lock can easily be applied to a wooden front door, but if the door isn’t of the correct thickness and has started to rot, the need to invest in a locking mechanism is lost.


We hope that you have found this post useful and that it has assisted you in updating the locks in your home. However, you should never attempt to replace or fit a lock yourself. A fully trained professional will be able to offer advice and help you with all of your locksmith needs, carrying out work safely and securely. At Local Locksmiths, we provide round the clock locksmith services that are second to none. From replacing your lock to fitting additional security, you can rely on us to help.